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Peach Paradise Tea
Loose-leaf 2.5oz/100g

A bright, sweet, and tart fruit blend that's perfectly refreshing.

The delicious blend of peach and fruit flavors combined with the natural flavors and tartness of the various dried fruits create a summertime cooler...

Earl Grey Tea
Loose-leaf 2oz/55g

A smooth Earl Grey tea with citrus and floral notes.


A classic English tea. Many people enjoy this tea with milk and sugar, but traditionally it is served with honey and lemon. Fun fact about this tea: it was...

Meadows Blend Tea
Loose Leaf 2oz/55g

Meadows is a custom blended tea infusion that is bright, floral, and slightly sweet.

We worked with our partners at Royal NY to create this bright and light blend. Driven primarily by chamomile, Meadows has a delicate sweetness, light body,...

Masala Chai Tea
Loose-leaf 2.6oz/75g

Spicy, comforting, and full-bodied Indian spiced black tea.


Masala Chai is a classic Indian spiced black tea. Literally meaning “Spiced Tea,” this Masala Chai is warm, spicy, and comforting. While it is usually best enjoyed with milk and sugar,...

Jasmine Pearl Tea
Loose-leaf 3.5oz/100g

A hand-crafted tea worthy of your tea ritual.

Jasmine Pearls are made using the first two leaves...

Golden Hour Tea
Loose-leaf 2.6oz/75g

A custom-blended, warm, and spicy, tea infusion.

Golden Hour is warm and spicy, with a subtle sweetness. It is...

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