The Robotic Barista

The Future Of Coffee Is Here…

Our robotic barista is an eye catching, theatrical presentation of coffee creation. It transforms the coffee ordering process into an experience from the start: drinks are ordered via app, and prepared by a robotic arm with a 60 second output, capable of preparing 4 drinks at once. The robotic barista can even add customizable latte art to each cup, personalizing the experience for each customer. Receive a perfect cup of coffee every time with no labor, more consistent results and a lot faster.

The Robotic Barista combined with our award winning coffee...The Future of Coffee is now!

**Two models to choose from.

Specifications & Standard Features


120/208 – 60 Amp 3 Phase


3/4″ incoming water line – to include back flow preventor and grease trap solution


1″ Drain-line to an indirect floor drain


Can produces 110 drinks

Drinks At A Time

Can produce 4 drinks at one time

How To Access

Download the MyAppCafé app

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