A bright, sweet, and tart fruit blend that's perfectly refreshing.

The delicious blend of peach and fruit flavors combined with the natural flavors and tartness of the various dried fruits create a summertime cooler or a wintertime summer reminder. And it's caffeine free!  For a summertime drink, Paradise Peach iced is hard to beat. It is refreshing, thirst-quenching, and not overly sweet. For formal times garnish the glass with a slice of peach and a sprig of mint and for non-formal times pour it into your glass and enjoy it gulp after gulp! If you have small children use the Paradise Peach tea to make popsicles—they taste great and contain very little sugar.

Someone once said, "it reminds me of summer in the Carolinas".  That's all you need to know about this meticulously curated tea.

Elements:  Peach pieces, Apple pieces, Hibiscus petals, Rosehip + Orange pieces, Natural flavors (organic compliant)

How to Brew

Tea: Measure 2.5g of tea for every 12oz of water.
Water: Heat water to 212 degrees.
Steep: Steep for 4-5 minutes.
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