Sateen dark chocolate is jeweled with a sweet and flavorful berry and orange tinge.  This blend of two Ethiopian coffees is a representation of simple indulgence. Vortex imparts a luscious vibrance, embodying the bold riches that can be found hiding in life’s humblest corners.

Where is it from?

Vortex is a blend of two Ethiopia coffees: Dur Feres and Dumerso. Dur Feres is a unique blend of naturally processed specialty and premium grade coffees that produce an iconic natural Ethiopian flavor of blueberry, blackberry, and cherry. This coffee is also organic certified. Dumerso comes to us from the Yirgacheffe district where coffee cherries are sourced from surrounding villages and processed at the Dumerso washing station which is owned and operated by sisters, Hirut and Mahder Birhanu.

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